Help us by contributing a single sentence to the Bias Project.  Fill out the form below or use the following tool with a sentence and the bias you think it has and your name will show up in the license.  By filling out the form you are confirming that you’re submitted the sentence to the project for use under our open source license and have the right to do so.

The submission form is below on this page or you can use our Bias Classifier Tool here:

*Please only submit sentences verbatim, as spoken or written by another individual.  For the purposes of this project sentences intentionally constructed to include biases, as well as paraphrased sentences containing biases, may be included.  For the names of each Cognitive Bias you may run a quick search here

Please only submit real examples you encounter, don't attempt to construct biased sentences or paraphrase.
Please separate multiple biases with commas, including only the names of the biases.
Any additional information or explanation may go here.

Thank you for participating!